Terra messages you one day.

--Log #3. Shuttle/Station. 2/7/1742. 14:25 Ms3AT-- Shuttle: Magic is interesting.

They've already touched down on Exka and are apparently still trying to gain access to the magic floating island. The place they're trying to get into is called 'Skystead University,' and apparently it's one of the most prestigious academies in the galaxy. The magic that keeps the island floating is kept completely under wraps and even people who visit the island are unable to divine their methods. Terra has been trying to gain a scholars' entry to the island which is called 'Anima.' They claim to be tracking down a distant relative, but the paperwork is a headache. They continue. Shuttle: I've never tried it, because I don't have any books on it. But if I'm able to get to Anima, then maybe I could pilfer some stuff, yknow? Station: That would be fascinating. Magic is hard to gather information on, as it's not well documented, and what's there is incomplete and vague at best. You'd love to witness it, and you're sure Terra would be trustworthy with magic. Station: If anything goes wrong, I'll break you out of magic jail. Shuttle: You and what army, Lior? Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Shutte: But it seems to me so strange that the people of Anima are able to use some kind of magic nobody else is. Magic doesn't strike me as something like a science, where there is (assumedly) an existing structure that we have to divine, or something where you could invent, say, spaceflight, and suddenly you’re so much further ahead than anybody. It seems like it's more of a muscle, where the more you practice, the better you do. So does Anima just have more muscle than everyone, because they train their people from birth? Or do they have some kind of ancient powerful artifact that they're using to keep it floating? Or is it some pure technological advance, nonmagical, that allows them to do it, and they're just pretending that it's magic, so nobody else discovers the truth? There's limitless possibilities... it really intrigues me. Shuttle: This galaxy is as wide and varied as any place dreamt up in novels. There's got to be countless secrets waiting for us to unearth them... Station: Keep me updated when you find new information, yeah? You're my new database for magic facts; the online one doesn't have much. Station: Good luck with your paperwork, wish I could help you, but I guess that's the one benefit to not having hands :P Shuttle: Yeah, I’ll keep you updated. Fun fact though, once we get you a body, I could definitely teach you magic. The only requirement is this thing they define as 'articulation.' Essentially, articulation is just the degree of movement you have. I think yours is very limited because you can only adjust things like station cameras and our radiological instruments, and I don't think anyone has invented space station magic yet. But if you get a set of complex muscles like two hands, then I think that there's nothing that'd stop you from casting. Station: Add that to our list of things to do together! You're practically buzzing with excitement. This is better than you hoped. Shuttle: Yeah sure! I'll update you when I can but for now I'm gonna focus on my work. You're doing good up there? Station: As well as usual. Wish I was there though :( Shuttle: I wish you were here too, Lior. I'll be as quick as I can.